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Angus Mackinnon & James Thorpe

Angus Mackinnon & James Thorpe

Angus C. Mackinnon: "Hatched and started growing straight away. Learned to colour in. Drew things I saw. Built a secret observatory and spied on the moon. Grew too big for my house and moved into an enormous city. When I ran out of normal things to colour in, I began to colour in the internet, which I’m still doing. Met James V. Thorp on a trip up the Limpopo River. We made a funny book together about some of the animals we’d seen, The Weasel, Puffing, Unicorn, Baboon, Pig, Lobster Race."  James V. Thorp: "Raised in a den - on a farm - in Gloucestershire. Educated by dogs. Shipped to San Francisco. Worked as a toupee for a balding poet. Learned to write and read the word ‘piano’. Joined a rock-group as a hairy chest. Returned to UK. Voted London’s best-dressed caveman."