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Louise Cuckow

Louise Cuckow

Louise Cuckow has a Bachelor in Graphic Design. She has worked as an art director for an advertising agency and for magazines both here and in London. On her return to London, she had a short stint as a designer for an architecture company, before starting her own business Sweatpea Home – one of the first small craft businesses in NZ. Louise’s work caught the eye of Karen Walker and she worked as her fabric designer before leaving to become a mum. As a freelancer Louise has also worked as an interiors stylist, created window displays and art directed a children's TV show. She is the impetus and the designer behind the See Play Do: A Kid's Handbook for Everyday Creative Fun children’s annual.Today Louise continues to do freelance fabric design, for a variety of NZ fashion labels, along with design and photography work, while being a hands-on mum. She lives in Auckland with her husband and daughter.

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