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Olivia Scott

Olivia Scott

Olivia Scott is the founder and creative force behind The Raw Kitchen. After studying business at Victoria University in Wellington, Olivia took her passion for raw food and holistic wellbeing further by studying nutrition at Auckland’s Wellpark College. The Raw Kitchen started as an outlet for Olivia’s creativity and passion for raw food. Working late into the evenings and up again for deliveries to cafés and private customers in the mornings, Olivia strove towards her dream of creating a permanent home for The Raw Kitchen while continuing to learn about the benefits raw food could have on so many people’s lives. In early 2015, the Raw Kitchen’s flagship store and kitchen opened on Auckland’s iconic Ponsonby Road. It is now a place where a passionate team of people prepare, make, package and sell several thousand raw treats each and every week. Upstairs from the store is home to The Studio: a special place where yoga, meditation, nutrition and wellness experts come to share their knowledge and craft with locals. A true believer in holistic wellness, Olivia is interested in the effect everyday food can have on us — physiologically and psychologically — and our overall wellbeing. Olivia is a keen yogi, loves immersing herself in nature and all things natural, and has a passion for sharing her knowledge, energy and love with her community. Her first cookbook, eponymously named The Raw Kitchen, was released in April 2016.